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How to Start OpenAM and OpenDJ in Separate Docker Contaners

Original article


To reproduce steps in the following article, Docker and Docker Compose should be installed.

The sample configuration used in the following article could be found here

OpenAM Perparation

Create docker-compose.yml file and add OpenAM service:

version: '3.9'

    image: openidentityplatform/openam:latest
      - "8080:8080"
      - ./persistence/openam:/usr/openam/config

Add OpenAM FQDN to your hosts file on your machine, for example

In the persistence/openam folder OpenAM will store its configuration data

OpenDJ Preparation

Add OpenDJ service to docker-compose.yml file:

    image: openidentityplatform/opendj:latest
      - "1389:1389"
      - "1636:1636"
      - "4444:4444"
      - ./opendj/bootstrap/data/:/opt/opendj/bootstrap/data #initial data
      - ./opendj/bootstrap/schema/:/opt/opendj/bootstrap/schema #schema
      - ./persistence/opendj:/opt/opendj/data #opendj data
      - BASE_DN=dc=openam,dc=openidentityplatform,dc=org #should be yours base DN

opendj/boststrap directory should exist on the host machine and contain two subfolders: data - for initial data и schema - schema files.

The files could be found here

If base DN id different from dc=openam,dc=openidentityplatform,dc=org it should be changed in opendj/boststrap/data/samlple.ldif file as well

Start and Configuration

Start Services

Start OpenAM and OpenDJ with the following command:

docker-compose up

You shoudl see the following lines in the logs:

openidentityplatform-docker-openam-1  | 15-Jun-2022 10:09:46.063 INFO [main] org.apache.coyote.AbstractProtocol.start Starting ProtocolHandler ["http-nio-8080"]
openidentityplatform-docker-openam-1  | 15-Jun-2022 10:09:46.133 INFO [main] org.apache.catalina.startup.Catalina.start Server startup in [36437] milliseconds
openidentityplatform-docker-opendj-1  | OpenDJ is started

OpenAM Configuration

After OpenAM and OpenDJ are started, open OpenAM URL in the browser, for example

OpenAM configuration window should appear: OpenAM Configuration Start

Select Custom Configuration and press Create New Configuration. Read and accept the license agreement.

Enter and confirm amAdmin password, then press the Next button.

OpenAM Configuration 1 General

Leave server settings unchanged and press the Next button.

OpenAM Configuration 2 Server Settings

On the Configuration Data Store Settings step set the following settings:

If you changed base DN for OpenDJ, set the required Root Suffix as well.

Then press the Next button.

OpenAM Configuration 3 Data Store Settings

On the User datastore settings set OpenDJ password as it has been set in the previous step and press the Next button.

OpenAM Configuration 5 User Data Store Settings

If this instance is behind a load balancer, set the site configuration settings. If it’s not, just press the Next button.

On the Step 6: Default Policy Agent User, enter and confirm default policy agent password and press the Next button.

Review configuration summary and press the Create Configuration button.

OpenAM Configuration Summary

If everything is ok, proceed to login page.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask us!