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SAML Authentication in Yandex Cloud via OpenAM

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Getting started

To configure SAML authentication, there are the following prerequisites:

  1. Docker platform installed and running Docker Engine
  2. Locally running OpenAM instance. To launch OpenAM, run the following command.
docker run -h -p 8080:8080 --name openam openidentityplatform/openam

Detailed description of the installation and initial configuration of OpenAM at this link

Setting up Federation in OpenAM

Create and Configure Identity Provider in OpenAM

  1. Open the administration console
  2. Goto desired realm
  3. Select Configure SAMLv2 Provider in the Common Tasks section

OpenAM Realm Common Tasks

  1. Then Create Hosted Identity Provider

Configure SAML v2 Provider

  1. Select a Signing Key (for demonstration purposes we will use test), enter the Circle of Trust name, and then map user’s attributes to OpenAM. For demonstration users will be mapped by email.

Configure SAML Identity Provider

  1. Press the Configure button.

Setting up the User Mapping in OpenAM

  1. Open the administration console
  2. Goto desired realm
  3. From the menu on the left, select the Applications section and navigate to SAML 2.0
  4. In the Entity Providers list select
  5. On the Assertion Content tab, under NameID Format in the NameID Value Map list, add the element urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:unspecified=mail
  6. Press the Save button

Creating OpenAM Users

  1. Open the administration console
  2. Goto desired realm
  3. Create a new user and fill the Email Address attribute

Creating and Setting up a Federation in Yandex Cloud Organization

Create a Federation

  1. Gotot Yandex Cloud Organization.
  2. On the left panel choose Federations .
  3. Click the Create Federation button.
  4. Give your federation a name. It must be unique within the folder.
  5. You can also add a description, if required.
  6. In the Cookie lifetime field, specify the time before the browser asks the user to re-authenticate.
  7. In the IdP Issuer field, enter a link to the OpenAM:
  8. In the Link to the IdP login page field, enter a link:
  9. Click the Create federation button.

Add Certificates

While authenticating, the Cloud Organization service should be able to verify the IdP server certificate. To enable this, add the certificate to the federation:

  1. Open the OpenAM link and copy the ds:X509Certificate tag value
  2. Save the certificate in a text file with a .cer extension in the following format:
<value ds:X509Certificate>
  1. In the left panel, select Federations.
  2. Click the the federation for which you want to add the certificate.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click Adding a certificate.
  4. Enter the certificate name and description.
  5. Click Choose a file and specify the path to the certificate file.
  6. Click the Add button.

Creating a Remote Service Provider в OpenAM

Creating a Metadata file for OpenAM

  1. Create a metadata.xml file with the following contents where federation_ID - is a federation identifier in Yandex Cloud Organization, Federations section
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><md:EntityDescriptor xmlns:md="urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:metadata" entityID="<federation_ID>">
    <md:SPSSODescriptor protocolSupportEnumeration="urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:protocol">
        <md:AssertionConsumerService Binding="urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:bindings:HTTP-Redirect" Location="<federation_ID>" index="1"/>

Creating a Service Provider in OpenAM

  1. Open the administration console
  2. Goto desired realm
  3. Choose Configure SAMLv2 Provider in the Common Tasks section
  4. Then click Configure Remote Service Provider

SAML Remote Service Provider

  1. Load the metadata.xml file created in the previous step as metadata.
  2. Select the existing Circle Of Trust, created on the Create and Configure Identity Provider in OpenAM stage
  3. Нажмите Configure

Adding Users to Yandex Cloud Organization

If the Automatically create users option is enabled, a federation will only add users logging in to a cloud for the first time. You can only add a federated user again manually after deleting them from a federation.

  1. Login to account that belongs to an organization administrator or owner.
  2. Goto Yandex Cloud Organization service.
  3. In the left panel, select Users.
  4. In the top-right corner, click Add federated users.
  5. Select the identity federation to add users from.
  6. Enter emails of the OpenAM users
  7. Click the Add button. This will give the OpenAM users access to the organization.

Testing Authentication

When you finish setting up SSO, test that everything works properly:

  1. Open your browser in guest or private browsing mode.
  2. Follow the URL to log in to the management console:<federation_ID>

  3. Enter OpenAM user credentials and click Login.

On successful authentication, the IdP server will redirect you to URL<federation_ID>, which you have set in the metadata.xml file for the Service Provider in the OpenAM settings and then to the management console home page. In the top-right corner, you will be able to see you are logged in to the console as a federated user.